Laugh your way to a lighter you! Have fun with your friends and family while you lose the weight and the worries that weigh you down.  Guided By Him is light, easy and filled with humor, but its life-changing ideas are profound.


This Christian weight loss program is perfect for family meetings, Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, lunch breaks at work or friendly neighborhood get-togethers.  It may also be used by teens and adults who want to stop overeating, but don’t wish to join a group.


GBH uses the Christian 12 Steps as well as uplifting Bible studies, thought-provoking daily devotionals and fun-filled food facts.  Abounding with practical tips for coping with stress and insightful ways to draw closer to God, GBH will inspire your faith and help you to keep a positive, light attitude toward learning a leaner lifestyle.  It is not a diet, but a way of living…Guided by Him to a better life and a thinner, not so stressed-out you.